Le nom des miens,

Martin Gray ( Mietek Grajeweski ) ,celui qui perdit 110 membres de sa famille dans l’holocauste 1939/1945, le grand homme  avait écrit un best seller   » Au nom de tous les miens  » traduit en 26 langues et lu par quelques 30 millions de personnes . «Je n’écris pas, je crie», disait cet ancien rescapé du camp de Tréblinka, au destin et au caractère hors normes.

Quelques images pour ma mémoire …. malgré la distance ….. la puissance de l’Amour des siens …..


School Concert ,  glace a Mariemont .  Here is a picture of the children & I at the old local ice cream store in Cincinnati (Graeter’s). We never have ice cream at home but we often treat the children for ice cream after their school orchestra concert three times a year. This picture was taken last week (November 14, 2016).


Weekend in Louisville, Kentucky


Weekend in Louisville, Kentucky


Llyona and Alejandro, a friend from Colombia -a squash partner at this year’s homecoming.


Llyona with a seashell necklace that my brother, Laurent sent her from New Caledonia for her birthday.

Llyona is a Junior this year. She is the editor of the High school newsletter and treasurer of the Latin club newsletter. She was voted President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society by her peers and as a Junior, she was inducted into the NHS last month. More importantly, she is a member of the Mock Trial team ( a national selective program for high schoolers who want to become lawyers in a simulated trial – they actually do go to court to compete- the judging committed is made of lawyers and judges). The team at Indian Hill is  phenomenal – their goal this year is not only to go to state but to win it. Some Seniors competed at Stanford and Yale and were ranked nationally this year. Last year Llyona won the award of the « best witness » at the district competition. She was selected again this year and will compete for the « witness » role. As you know, she is a viola player and plays for a youth orchestra here in Cincinnati (they will play at the Musikverein concert hall (home of the Philharmonic Orchestra) in Vienna, Austria next year) and she plays for the school orchestra as well.  She still loves to sketch, paint and do origami. In December, she is applying to a Tap MD program for her Senior year hoping to get into a medical intership program during her last year of high school. In January, she will compete into the Academic  Worldquest compétition along with 6 other students who were chosen by teachers in the area. In March, Llyona will travel to Nîmes, France and Rome, Italy to visit the Roman ruins with her Latin teachers for Easter. She will meet my father there. I am excited about this. She does not drive yet but she has to earn money so she tutors French 4 times a week. She also plays some gigs with her Orchestra teacher. She played for a private event at the Cincinnati Aquarium, and also at the Conservatory of Music and earned money. She gave up ballet 2 years ago but she is now immersed into the world of squash when she has some time for herself to relieve stress. In May, she will take 5 AP tests (Human Geography; English, Capstone Research, Physics and Calculus BC) at the end of the Year without counting AP French and AP Chinese (she may present one or both of them this year or next year).



Marc-Aurele is a Freshman. He was selected to be in the Mock Trial team this year as well which was a great deal knowing freshmen are rarely selected. His « Command of the Room » speech of Napoleon to the National Guard got him in. He was asked to present it in French and in English. It was stressful but a worthy exercise who will come handy in the future. Also, he was asked by a senior to be part of the Academic team to represent Indian Hill High School. They will compete in the spring.
Marc-Aurele plays cello in the orchestra. He had an opportunity this year to play music live on the radio in Cincinnati. It was a fun experience!
He loves playing video games with friends on the computer. To earn money, he mows lawns or rakes leaves of our neighbors’ yard.
He has just finished the Cross Country season and earned his Junior Varsity letter for « endurance and grit » as a Freshman runner. His Coach is fantastic, full of energy, passionate, a competitive triathlete herself, she is cross training them with yoga, cycling and weight lifting classes. She has a motherly love for her runners.


Arpad Augustin is a Second grader at the Primary School. He takes art and science classes very seriously. He goes to theater class and Bricks for Love class after school. He loves playing board games, go « creeking » with his brother (walk in the creek we have in our backyard which goes for miles into the woods), playing Lego, bowling and exchanging Pokémon cards with his friend Louis. Loves to play at the playground and hang on from the monkey bars.
This last Halloween, Llyona was doing some face painting on Arpad to look like a vampire.


Arpad Augustin en Vampire .

unnamed.jpg paques2017

unnamed.jpg paques 2017

Paques 2017 dans l’Ohio USA



Appalachian National Scenic 600Miles 60 Days  Summer 2016. After we came back from our trip, our dear neighbor Jim, 82, who is a former NBC executive, loved our adventure so much that he sent a reporter to us. Llyona wrote an article about our adventure which was featured in the October issue of the community magazine. We made the headlines in town … Needless to tell you that the picture was taken was Jeff.


Auteur : alarpad 2

N'ayez jamais peur de la vie, n'ayez jamais peur de l'aventure, faites confiance au hasard, à la chance, à la destinée. Partez, allez conquérir d'autres espaces, d'autres espérances. Le reste vous sera donné de surcroît. Les secrets de la mer Rouge (1931) Henry de Monfreid

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